Harris County memorandums, November 2019

A memorandum by Harris County Flood Control District addresses:

  • Reduce historic flooding patterns and aggressively mitigate new flooding impacts
  • Meet the standards that Harris County Flood Control District has set forth and follow the requirements of Atlas 14 in order to build more resilient storm water infrastructure.

A memorandum by Harris County Engineering Department addresses:

  • Improve safety for people in vehicles, walking and biking, on the facility and on connecting streets
  • Enhance walking and biking connections between and within existing communities
  • Encourage an engineering design for an innovative multi-modal transportation system by incorporating local and regional transportation plans
  • Prioritize use of existing right-of-way, mitigate displaced residents and business owners by compensating their properties at fair market value, and help renters with rental relocation assistance
  • Preserve existing businesses and community resources while enhancing growth and economic development opportunities within neighborhoods adjacent to the project
  • Protect and enhance parks, open spaces, and air quality as critical to physical and mental well-being of individuals, families and communities
  • Mitigate the damage to our air quality and alleviate noise pollution as much as possible