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Letters and slide presentations

* Make I-45 Better Coalition Overview (pdf)


Texas Cities Manifesto (pdf)


2019-12-19 NHHIP Segments 1 & 2 Facilitation Group Mtg 7 - Houston Public Works and Huitt-Zollers (pdf)


2019-06-10 Health Impact Assessment Summary (pdf)


2019-05-29 Near Northside Advocacy Workshop Summary (pdf)


2018-04-25 Mayor's Task Force presentation (pdf)


Community Impacts Assessment, December 2019

TxDOT released their Community Impacts Assessment in two parts: 

2019-12-16 TxDOT Draft Community Impacts Assessment v2 (large PDF hosted by TxDOT)

2019-12-19 TxDOT Draft Cumulative Impacts Technical Report (large PDF hosted by TxDOT)

Councilmember Karla Cisneros sent a letter in response:

"As it currently stands, the negatives of the NHHIP outweigh the positives for residents and property owners in District H."

Download her letter below. See more, including videos on District H's I-45 page.

Councilmember Letitia Plummer sent a letter in response:

"The NHHIP is a statement of values and an investment in a particular vision for the future of Houston—a future that, in my opinion, is antagonistic to the vision we at the City are working to create."

Download her letter below.

Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia sent a letter in response:

"[Give] the region the option to start building the infrastructure needed to incentivize multi-modal transportation, rather than continuing dependency on single occupancy vehicles."

Download his letter below.

The Citizens' Transportation Coalition (CTC) sent a letter in response:

"We do not see that mitigation of community impacts is impossible for Segments 1 and 2, but it will be costly... Our conclusion is that Segment 3 should not be built at this time."

Download their letter below.

The Houston Parks Board (HPB) sent a letter in response:

"With TxDOT’s continuing failure to recognize relevant impacts to parks and open space under NEPA and Section 4(f) of the Federal Transportation Law, Houston Parks Board continues to have serious concerns about the proposed plans for NHHIP and the integrity of the process."

Download their letter below.

The White Oak Bayou Association (WOBA) sent a letter in response:

"We are concerned about a number of potentially significant cumulative environmental impacts associated with this project, which we believe are not being adequately addressed in the Environmental Impact Statement process in accordance with Federal regulations cited therein"

Download their letter below.

Finally, Air Alliance Houston (AAH) with 12 other signatory organizations has sent a letter in response:

"Rather than using this project or the environmental impact statement process to right past wrongs or provide for infrastructure in line with that requested in various Livable Center studies or other community focused plans, TxDOT has concluded that the selected alternative is the only alternative and has begun investing dollars into mitigation.

"NEPA is not meant to simply be a report—but a study to influence and provide guidance to decisionmakers prior to them making the decision. These reports demonstrate that TxDOT has failed in meeting NEPA’s mandate to propose alternatives with less impacts for decision makers to consider."

Download their letter and attachments below. Attachments 2-5 are forthcoming.

Harris County memorandums, November 2019

A memorandum by Harris County Flood Control District addresses:

  • Reduce historic flooding patterns and aggressively mitigate new flooding impacts
  • Meet the standards that Harris County Flood Control District has set forth and follow the requirements of Atlas 14 in order to build more resilient storm water infrastructure.

A memorandum by Harris County Engineering Department addresses:

  • Improve safety for people in vehicles, walking and biking, on the facility and on connecting streets
  • Enhance walking and biking connections between and within existing communities
  • Encourage an engineering design for an innovative multi-modal transportation system by incorporating local and regional transportation plans
  • Prioritize use of existing right-of-way, mitigate displaced residents and business owners by compensating their properties at fair market value, and help renters with rental relocation assistance
  • Preserve existing businesses and community resources while enhancing growth and economic development opportunities within neighborhoods adjacent to the project
  • Protect and enhance parks, open spaces, and air quality as critical to physical and mental well-being of individuals, families and communities
  • Mitigate the damage to our air quality and alleviate noise pollution as much as possible

2019-11-06 Harris County Flood Control District and Engineering Department memorandums (pdf)


2019-08-07 Harris County Commissioners Court NHHIP Resolution (pdf)


Other Developments

2019-09-15 Comments Review of NHHIP Interactive Map (pdf)


2019-07-25 Mayor Turner's Support for $100M Funding Segment 2 of NHHIP (pdf)


2019-07 Freeway Revolts! (pdf)


Draft Environmental Impact Statement, February 2019

TxDOT released three revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) reports in February 2019.

These complement the six DEIS reports that TxDOT released in June 2018.

TxDOT has since scrubbed these DEIS drafts from their website, but they are available in archive.

Below are responses from LINK Houston, CSTI acoustics, and Houston Parks Board, plus our updated Impacts And Solutions Action Plan.

Draft Environmental Impact Statement, June 2018

TxDOT released six revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) reports in June 2018.

TxDOT has since scrubbed these DEIS drafts from their website, but they are available in archive.

In our attorney's response, we "object to the process adopted by TxDOT" of releasing a partial DEIS because it violates Federal Highway Administration regulations.

With the letter, we attached exhibits by Air Alliance Houston, Lower Brazos Riverwatch, our coalition, and Huitt-Zollars engineers.